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Guys, Do You Want a Woman Like This in Your Bed? Here are 3 Things You Should AVOID at All Costs

Image by: By Lies Thru a Lens By Richard K. Noots Who doesn’t love a beautiful woman? Even women in our culture these days can appreciate the fine beauty of one another. So, how do we get that message across without coming across like the average tool bag? Well, for starters, there are a few […]

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Posted on 20.06.2015 22:54
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Lucy 23 June 15 18:59 even i get nervous around beautiful women...i think the key is to just be yourself cause anything else will leave you coming off as fake or scary Text hided expand
Anna K
Anna K 24 June 15 16:57 What a great post! It is slightly humorous in its approach and that is appropriate - we are only talking about sex and dating here, so keeping it light is kind of the right vibe. It is incredibly practical and I appreciate the chance to read it and HOPE that a lot of guys do, too. There is NOTHING like being listened to and dealt with according to one's preferences as opposed to some guy's idea of what a Don Juan would do. Good stuff! Text hided expand
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